The most things we do for our customers.

Website Building

We have professional technicians who can meet your customized needs to build your own personal website.

Website Hosting

We can provide you with a non-programmatic website hosting service (you only need to provide your website description content) and deploy it to our server in one step. This one can save you a lot of time.

Server Management

When you encounter problems with the server you purchased elsewhere, we will provide you with reliable help.

Computer Repairing

We will check your computer problems (software level) through remote management software, or remotely assist you to repair your computer through video conferencing software. If you are locally, we will provide door-to-door service.

Custom/DIY PC

If you urgently need to buy a personal desktop computer and have no experience, we can provide you with the most favorable assembly plan, which is a good choice.

Anonymous service (VPN)

We have a dedicated server that can provide you with secure network access. You only need to move your fingers to enter the website, don't worry too much about the risk of privacy leakage.


Customers have several common questions about us.

1. How are you profitable?

We don't charge any fees for some consultation questions, such as providing the best solution for customers to assemble computers. We can earn by e.g. customizing and developing a website for customers.

2. How many Employee do you have? How long have you been doing with this work?

We are a group of students as well as a group of independent developers. Currently, we are 3 core members of the main team. Our team was established in 2015 and is led by HanskiJay.

3. Can we as customers trusts your service?

Regarding this aspect, you don't need to worry at all. We have had many remote assistances and we have rich experience.

Customers Rating

The evaluation of our users.

Mrs. Wu (Seattle, USA)

Computer Repairing (remotely)

A great experience! I didn't expect that under the guidance of OwOBlog I could repair my computer by myself! Thank you for helping me restore the important data in the hard drive!

Student Mrs. Yu (Heilongjiang, China)

Computer Repairing (remotely)


Student Mr. Liu (Wuhan, China)

Anonymous service (VPN)

Thanks OwOBlog for the high-speed and stable VPN service! I have been buying here for a year, not only have many discounts, but HanskiJay's service attitude is particularly good!

Student Mr. He (Shenzhen, China)

Anonymous service (VPN)

I known OwOBlog from friends I'm studying in Hongkong. Cause Covid-19 I have to go back to Shenzhen. During the time I used VPN from OwOBlog and find very quickly!!!

Mr. Li (Sichuan, China)

Anonymous service (VPN)


Student Mr. Zeng (Shenzhen, China)

Website Building

OwOBlog帮我完成了一项作业内容嘿嘿,老师和同学们都说好看。感谢大佬!OwOBlog helped me complete a homework content. Heyhey, the teacher and classmates said it was pretty. Thank you guys!


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